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Sarah McLachlan – Perfect Girl

No real updates. I just wanted to update the site and say that I have a new hostee –
Paper Flowers, so go check that out. I haven’t had time to work on Distorted Blessings, so as it stands there won’t be any updates until December. Sorry! But thanks so much to everyone who signed the guestbook with feedback. I know that some of you felt like I left off in a bad place, but it really was the best place to stop to take a break. I promise I will will try my hardest to have a new chapter as soon as possible. I think the break from the story will be nice though. I’m anxious to work on my NaNo story.

Speaking of which, I know I said that I would be posting it here on the site as I wrote, but now I’m not so sure. I doubt it will be posted right away, but I will be posting some stuff on livejournal, so if you want to get sneak peaks or know how things are going, please add lostxrealist to your friends page and leave a comment so that I’ll know to add you. I’m also looking for people who would be willing to serve as a beta [aka editor] for the story. You have to have a livejournal and have me added and be dependable, so if you’re interested please go add me at livejournal. I’ll be making a post about this there with more details in the near future.

Don’t worry though. The NaNo story will be posted here eventually though. I’m just not sure how quickly it will be added. I’m going to try to make sure it’s all edited before it’s posted. Anyway, if you’re interested in being a beta please make sure you add lostxrealist!