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Limp Bizkit – No Sex

Dun dun dun! Chapter 44 & the Epilogue of Distorted Blessings are posted. So sorry for the delay, but I was waiting to get my computer back. I have a new hard drive, and I didn’t lose anything, so all is well. I really hope that no one is disappointed by the ending. I’m, actually, really pleased with the way things ended. It’s such a relief to be finished – especially after three years of struggling with this story. So please tell me what you think. Was it worth following for so long? Or did I really let you down? Sign the guestbook and tell me your thoughts!

I also changed the header for Distorted Blessings just a little bit. It seemed fitting. And I have yet another new hostee. Go welcome Molly. I’m really happy to have her and get caught up on her fiction! 🙂

So thanks to everyone who’s been signing the guestbook and leaving feedback, and especially those of you who have stuck with me throughout the writing of Distorted Blessings. I know it’s been a long, seemingly never ending road, but I’m happy to have finally finished. And many thanks to those people who helped edit and helped me sort through my many indecisions and issues with the story. You’ve all be great! 🙂