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The Juliana Theory – August In Bethany

Chapter Five of Infinite is posted. I made a deal with Becca. If she posted the awards from FWID, I’d post another chapter, so if you were wanting your awards, you can thank me for persuading Becca to post them today, and if you were hoping for a new chapter of Infinite, you can thank Becca for persuading me. 😉

I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter. It’s not really plot heavy. It’s kind of just a filler between chapters, and a bit of a look into Silly’s head. I also want to thank Nikki for letting me use on of beautiful poems in the chapter. She’s a poetic genius. You can read more of her poetry at her site, and if you’re a fan of Comfort Zone and don’t know already, she added 2 new chapters, so go read! Also thank you to everyone who signed the guestbook. I appreciate all of your comments on Infinite and Distorted Blessings or anything else that you’ve read.

You may have noticed that Bed of Lies and Happily Ever After Doesn’t Exist are down again. I decide to take them both down for the time being. Katrina was wonderful enough to edit both for me. She’s finished with Bed of Lies, but I still have to go in and go through all of her changes before I can repost the story. I may do that by chapter, but Bed of Lies will be back shortly. I won’t give a date or anything on Happily because I don’t know how long it will take, but it will be back eventually.

I mentioned the FWID awards, and I’ve added those to the site. I just want to thank everyone once again for voting for me. I really appreciate it! I’ve also started a new season of awards at Reckless Abandon. It’s been a year since the last time I did them, and I thought it was time to do them again, so please do and nominate your favorite stories, and don’t put it off because the categories are filling up very quickly, and nominations just opened last time! lol

Enjoy the new chapter, and please let me know what you think!