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Thank you!

No big updates. I just added a new theme and have been redoing some of the pages – namely the awards. I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me at the Feel What I Dream Awards. Here’s a list of what I won.

Best Overall Author
Best Veteran Author
Best Comedic Author – Infinite / Brittney
Best Hanson Family Member (Real) – Distorted Blessings / Jessica
Best Main Character – Infinite / Silly
Best Comedy – Infinite
Best Finished – These Walls
Best Unfinished – Infinite
Most Likely To Become a Movie – Distorted Blessings
Best Beginning – Infinite
Best Ending – These Walls
Best Fanfic Site –
Voter’s Choice – Infinite

Best Dramatic Story – These Walls
Best LOL Character – Silly
Best Villain – Infinite / Mark Moses
Best Drama – These Walls
Best Long Story – Distorted Blessings
Best Short Story – New Age Adam and Eve
Updated Most Often –

I really appreciate all of your votes, so thanks again for helping me win these get awards! 😀

Also, I posted the rest of Bed of Lies. I’ll be working on getting Happily Ever After Doesn’t Exist back up next, and I’ll have a chapter of Infinite for you guys in a couple of days, so look forward to that! 🙂