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New Chapters. Yes, that's plural. ;)

Hanson has turned me into a giggly, giddy school girl again with the song “Great Divide.” If you haven’t already bought it off of iTunes, I command you to do so now. It’s an amazing sound and for a great cause. I’m so in love with the song right now, and in light of my serious Hanson love and good mood, I’ve posted chapters Thirty-Six and Thirty-Seven of Infinite. These chapters make me giggly and giddy too. I hope they have the same effect on you. 😉

I also think I’ve finished Trash. I’ll have to wait until I’ve had eight hours of sleep and fresh eyes and read over it again. It might be a different story then. No pun intended. But, seriously, I think I’m pretty well done with the story. I’m sure I’ll have lots of editing though. Hopefully, I can get a chapter to you before the new year. I’m anxious to share with you!

As always, thank you to my ever faithful guestbook signers. You people pwn, and I lurve reading your feedback. So, please let me know what you think of the updates. I’ll probably be really sad if I don’t get reaction feedback from this one! I hope you enjoy, and like I said, if you haven’t checked out “Great Divide,” you should! ❤

P.S. I added a new theme. 🙂