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Last Update of 2006

I hope everyone had a happy holiday. Mine was pretty good save for the fact one of my gift cards is being a bit dodgy and refusing to let me order a Great Divide t-shirt. Bah humbug. I know you don’t care about that. You just want the updates, so Chapter Forty-One of Infinite is posted as well as Chapter Three of Trash. I think the chapter of Infinite is pretty interesting, but you’ll have to tell me what you think. And we get some more interaction between Taylor and Mika in Trash, so I really hope you’ll enjoy that.

I appreciate all of the feedback. It’s been great. I was really glad to hear from some people I thought I’d lost as readers. So thanks to those people who have being gone and are getting caught up for letting me know and sharing your thoughts. I’ve almost got 1,000 guestbook entries, and I’m amazed by that. So thank you so much to everyone who has reviewed or responded to my fiction. This will probably be my last update this year, and I feel like it’s been a pretty good one. I finished three stories in 2006, and there’s no doubt that you – my readers – had a lot to do with that. Without all of your wonderful feedback, I doubt I would have had the drive to write as much as I did this year, so thank you, and I hope you’ll stick with me in the coming year!