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Infinite, Trash, and lotsa Drabble

Ah, I’m a little late updating tonight, but no worries. Updates are here. I’ve added Chapter Forty-Five of Infinite and Chapter Five of Trash. I also added a new page to the Hanson fiction section – drabbles. There are 17 already. Two of them are related to Distorted Blessings and two others are related to a new story I’m working on, so check those out if you feel so inclined.

Honestly, I feel like I got so much feedback this week. It was nice to get online and find a new message in the guestbook nearly every day, so thank you so much to everyone who’s been leaving me messages and telling me what you think! I hope you’ll like the new chapters I’ve posted as well as the drabbles. So read away and enjoy. And don’t forget to vote at The Ugly Truth Awards. 🙂

Edit: Sorry about the email with the theme table! The domain went a little wonky while I was trying to update. Bad WordPress!