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Exciting week!

My copy of The Walk is on it’s way here. This makes me very excited! New Hanson music always seems to give my muse a nice kick in the butt, and next Monday the Taking the Walk podcast starts, so I’m very happy girl right now.

Maybe my good mood was what prompted the extra update this week. 😉 No, it was actually the amazing amount of feedback I’ve been getting. I’m really, really happy to hear all of your comments on Trash. I’ve added Chapter Ten, and I promise I’m not trying to depress you all. This story does have a lot of dramatic and dark tones to it, but things will get less depressing before long, but I hope you enjoy the chapter.

And I have a new hostee! Isn’t that cool? Her name is Natalie, and her site is Feel This Way. I read her story Damn It and immediately loved it, so I had to offer her a new home away from th evilness of and all it’s stupid ads, so go check out her site.

I was also very surprised to discover I won several awards at The Ugly Truth Awards, so I wanted to give a great big thank you to everyone who voted for me!

Here’s a list of the winnings:

  • Best Laugh Out Loud Moment – Infinite / Chapter 4 / “The Bench Scene”
  • Best Zac – Infinite
  • Best Main Character – Silly / Infinite
  • Character You Most Relate To – Silly / Infinite
  • Best Dialogue – Infinite
  • Best Imagery – Trash
  • Best Comedy – Infinite
  • Best Collaboration – Other Side of the World / Becca, Nikki, & Brittney
  • Best Author Collaboration – Other Side of the World / Becca, Nikki, & Brittney
  • Best Dramatic Author – Brittney
  • Best Overall Author – Brittney
  • Best Hanfic Site –
  • Updated Most Often –