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Wednesday? Already?

Is it really Wednesday? Long weekends always throw me off. I almost forgot about updates. :blush: Oops? But I remembered when I was programming Traveler to come on, so good thing, huh? I’ve posted Chapters Nineteen and Twenty of Starlight. Nineteen isn’t pretty. We found out about Presley and Keegan’s mom’s mood, and Pre and Kee have a conversation that doesn’t turn out so well, which isn’t unusual for them, but even so. Twenty also has some interesting developments. We’ve already discovered Zac is capable of holding a civil conversation. We just might see a little bit more of that. 😉

I also posted Chapter Five of Bridge Builders. I meant to do it earlier in the week, but it didn’t happen, but it’s up now, so if you’ve been reading that story, I hope you’ll enjoy that chapter as well. The results from the Feel What I Dream awards are in as well. The results are below, and I really want to say thank you to everyone who voted for me (& Nikki and Becca).


Best Author Collaboration – Other Side of the World / Becca, Brittney & Nikki
Best Comedic Author
Best Descriptive Author
Best Overall Author
Best Veteran Author (More than a year)
Best Best Friend: Infinite / Tegan
Best Couple: Infinite / Silly & Zac
Best Isaac: Other Side of the World
Best LOL Character: Infinite / Silly
Best Main Character: Infinite / Silly
Best Taylor: Trash
Best Collaboration: Other Side of the World
Best Finished: Infinite
Best Long Story: Infinite
Best Soundtrack: Other Side of the World
Best Title: Trash
Best Beginning: Infinite
Best Kiss: Other Side of the World / Chapter 46 / Beth & Isaac
Best Fanfic Site:
Updated Most Often:
Viewer’s Choice: Other Side of the World

Runner Up

Best Dramatic Author
Best Bitch/Jerk: Other Side of the World / Norah
Best Zac: Infinite
Best Drama: Trash
Best Soundtrack: Trash

Also, thank you to Chele, Becca, Miranda, Kristin, Gabby, Michelle G, Daiana, Hayley, Henna, Foxtrot, Kristin, Mel, and Paulina for signing the guestbook! I appreciate all of your comments. I hope you enjoy the new chapters!