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My Apologies!

First, let me apologize for not updating last week. Things were kind of hectic. I got back from a two day family vacation on Tuesday night feeling tired, grumpy and sunburned to the point of blisters. Nikki was also still visiting and it was her last few days here, so I just didn’t get a chance to update. But never fear, Chapters Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four of Starlight are here. I also put up a new layout. I have no Taylor stories at the moment, but I couldn’t resist using these pictures.

While I was setting up the new layout, I came a across a few things that needed fixing, like the hosting form. If anyone has filled out the form recently and never heard anything back, it was because the form wasn’t working. Things should be working right now. I also added the awards from The Soundtrack Awards and Chaos Into Art. Again, I just want to say thank you to everyone who voted for my stories, and also cogratulations to all of the other winners.

Thank you to Nat, Kristin, Chelsi, Pauline, Katie, and Hayley for signing the guestbook. I’ve actually been a bit surprised that I’m not the only one that started to take a bit of a liking to Tristan. Naturally, he would grow on me after I’ve already hooked Presley up with Zac. Go figure that. I hope you enjoy the new chapters. There’s another twist in the plot that some of you may or may not have foreseen, but I really enjoyed the conversation in these chapters. I hope you like them too, and please let me know what you think!

Also, I got an email about the updates list not working. If anyone else is having this problem, please either drop me a line in the guestbook or email me at, so I can try to figure out what the problem is. Thanks!