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Lots of Updates

This is the update that took forever. Or so it seems. I was planning to update with all of this yesterday, but it just didn’t happen. I have a lot of updates today, so brace yourself. First, there’s (another) new layout. I just couldn’t stand not having the sidebar, so I had to make something new.

Second, Chapter Forty-Nine of Starlight has been posted. There’s a little Zac and Presley interaction, and actual words are exchanged. Not a lot, but at least there’s a verbal exchange, right?

Third, this is something I’ve been waiting to reveal until I got everything set up. You might have noticed a new link for in the sidebar navigation. Anyone that’s read Infinite will probably have at least an idea of what that’s about, but if you don’t get it, is the new home to everything related to Silly. The page for Infinite is now redirected to it’s subdomain on, and the site for Solace can also be found over on Of course, none of this would matter if I didn’t have an update for you. I’ve posted the Prologue of Solace. Some of you might have read it on my writing lj already, but I thought I’d go ahead and post for everyone else to read. The first chapter might surface within the next couple of weeks. It just depends on how things go with writing, but enjoy the updates! At least I’m giving you something new related to Solace instead of just talking about it, right?

I think I’ve covered everything I’ve updated, and I’m about to add the last of the challenges I’ve got for Orange Sky so keep a look out for those. Thank you to Kate, Kristin, Mel, kristin, and Becca for signing the guestbook. I hope you enjoy the updates. They took a while to get together, so please sign the guestbook and let me know what you think!