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Sorry For the Delay!

Well, first and foremost, Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrated! Secondly, sorry about the slight delay in the update. I’m blaming the holiday and Black Friday. I was one of those insanely early shopping, and I’m still trying to recover!

Anyway, I’ve posted Chapter Four of Orange Sky. I have to warn you that this one is a bit … insane. I think I laughed writing most of it just because it was one of those things where I found myself writing stuff I thought I’d never been including in a story. But I hope you enjoy it. It’s one of my faves of this story.

Thank you to Becca, Erin, Diana, Sara, Nat, Katie, Irene, Foxtrot, Jen, and kristin for signing the guestbook! I’m so glad to see you’re enjoying Orange Sky! I hope this chapter makes up for the delay in updating! And don’t forget to sign the guestbook. The reactions are always my favorite part of updating! 😉