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I'm Sorry!

I totally fail, and I admit it right now. I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve made any sort of update. It’s been almost two months since my last update, which is just ridiculous. Sadly, I still don’t have an update for Solace. Honestly, I have been working on it. Albeit, not consistently. I’m about half finished with Chapter Four. I have 8 pages and 3,658 words to prove it! I really don’t have any decent excuses for why I haven’t finished it yet other than I’ve been lazy and sucked into the Twilight fandom, but I’m going to get my ass into gear and try to finish the chapter asap.

I meant to post about a lot of things ages ago, but I redid the section for Distorted Blessings. I edited some of the chapters, the characters page and added skins to the section, so check those out!

Also, Nat is running her own Hanfic awards. I meant to update and let everyone know so they could nominate, but I missed that, but voting is in session right now, so check out the nominees at Oscars: Hanson Style and vote! There are still a few days left!

And I just want to say thank you to Becca, Foxtrot (x3), Katie, Diana, Gotyou, Helen, Marissa, Jessica, Lauren, Abbey, Katey, Allison, and Michele for signing the guestbook. It’s really good to know that people are still visiting the site even though I’ve been so slack about updating. I’m hoping to have an update for Solace before the end of the month, and maybe once I get back in the zone I can start to make at least semi-regular updates again. I miss writing, and I really terrible about leaving everyone hanging! Forgive me, please?