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I’m just going to preface this update with the warning that I’m uber hyper because I’ll be seeing Twilight in less than nine hours. I cannot even express how excited I am. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve pretty much been consumed by this fandom for the last year or so. I know that Becca is most likely praying for the return of my sanity. I suspect she doesn’t fully appreciate the greatness of Edward Cullen. 😉

But anyway, I do come bearing some updates. First, Chapter Three of Absolution has been posted. I’ve been meaning to update all week, but I really got caught up in trying to write. Good news, though! I hit 50,000 words last night. I actually surprised myself because I didn’t think it was going to happen so soon. I guess that now gives me time to flail and fangirl over Twilight for a couple of days before I get back to finishing the story. I have about seven or eight chapters left to go. I’ve been flip flopping over the idea of changing or taking out a part, so we’ll see what happens there. And I thank Rosie and Renee for signing the guestbook, and even if you don’t sign the guestbook and are giving the story a change, thank you!

Speaking of Renee, we are now affiliates, so go check out her site and stories and enjoy! And, also, thanks to her I have a new <a href=""mailing list! So if you want to get an email when I update, just sign up.

I also updated a few different pages of the site. The hostee page is now up to date, and I also updated my reading list. Since I do read more than Hanfic, I broke it down by fandom, so if you like Harry Potter or Twilight fan fiction, you might find something there that you’ll enjoy!

So, I hope you enjoy the new chapter of Absolution, and if there are any Twilight fans out there, enjoy the movie! 🙂