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Yay! An Update!

I’ve got several small things to post about, but hopefully they’ll be worthwhile!

First, there’s a new layout for Trash. I was inspired to make it while I was writing what I’ve come to call the abridged sequel to Trash. The story is called Trash To Treasure, and it is written through a series of drabbles. I wrote it as a Christmas gift for Mel, but hopefully those of you who enjoyed Trash will enjoy taking a look into Mika and Taylor’s future.

I also wrote a one-shot that takes place in the Strange and Beautiful as a Christmas present for Becca. It is called Hot Girls and Pretty Girls, and it is a one-shot written from Zac’s point of view and covers the first time he met Silly as well as a few other things. It was interesting to write, and I do believe that Becca and Mel’s both described Zac a “perv.” That’s fun, right?

Finally, the other one-shot is one I mentioned in my last update. This one takes place in the universe (and the sub-site also has a new layout). It’s the final installment in the Rust future-shots I had planned out. It is called Bright and Brilliant and was written for Christmas Time. You can either read the story at the Christmas Time site or on livejournal.

Hopefully these one-shots will suffice until the new year. I will be trying to do some editing on Solace early in the new year, and I’ll also be focusing hard on finishing that story. I feel bad that I’ve been so lax this year with updates, but I did do much better than I did in 2009!

Anyhow, thank you to Nath for signing the guestbook, and also thanks so much to everyone who continues to read my stories and visit the site. It’s hard to believe that 2010 is already coming to a close, but I’m very excited for next year, and hope to have many more stories to share with you.

And because this will probably be my last update until 2011, I want to give a huge thank you to Mel, who has basically been my beta slave this year. I’ve been working on a lot of random things and with a few exceptions editing she’s edits pretty much all of it. Everything that Mel didn’t edit, Becca was willing to jump in to read and edit. I really appreciate their time and willingness to sort through my wordiness because being a beta is a lot of work! So thanks again, Becca and Mel!

And to everyone else, I hope you have a safe and happy holiday! 😀