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Sorry Sorry!

First, I must give my apologies for the lack of updates recently. The short of it is that real life is quite hectic at the moment, but I have been steadily chugging along on my story for The Spark Inside. I’m about halfway through the story, and it will probably be up in around a month’s time!

In the meantime, I wanted to post and say thank you to whoever was kind enough to nominate me at the Thieves and Liars awards.

I’ve been nominated for:

Best Unfinished Novel – Shelter
Best Finished Novel – Trash
Best Series – Strange and Beautiful
Best Title – Under Dust Painted Skies
Best Group Story – Rust
Best Zac Story – Catalyst & Under Dust Painted Skies
Best Author

I’m a bit shocked and very thankful for these nominations! Voting is now open and will remain so until April 11th, so please check out the site and all of the story and cast your vote!

Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to do some editing for both Shelter and Solace and get some new chapters up soon, especially once my TSI story is finished!

Also, thanks to Jenn for signing the guestbook. As for the Every Path Trilogy and Watershed, I’m not really sure when either of those will be up. They’re stories I’ve been working on off and on, but my story for The Spark Inside is Taylor centric. 😉