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Infinite (Strange and Beautiful, Book 1) by Brittney Musick For anyone interested in buying a copy of Infinite, it’s available early for purchase through CreateSpace. You can access at the CreateSpace eStore at

The book will also be available on Amazon, both in print and ebook, on the 12th of June, but this is a way for any eager readers (assuming there are any) to get a copy before then.

As I stated over at, it has been a very long process, and I am extremely happy that the book is finally accessible.

The next couple of weeks will also be quite busy as well, but instead of keeping the book’s availability through this channel a secret, I wanted to make it known to anyone who would like to get an early copy of the novel.

I’m both anxious and nervous to hear readers thoughts as well as eager myself to get back to work on the rest of the Strange and Beautiful series. I’m looking forward to a summer full of writing and revision.

Author: Brittney

I’m Brittney, a 20 something from a small town in Indiana. I have a degree in Visual Communications and while graphic and web design are both things I enjoy, writing is my true passion. I am also a complete book worm, music fanatic, tv junkie and movie lover.

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