alone in the pretense

a fan fiction archive

New Home


Alone In the Pretense is now hosted on, and while most of the site is gone, archives of old posts remained and collaborative stores are still available to read and download in PDF format.

Author: Brittney

I’m Brittney, a 20 something from a small town in Indiana. I have a degree in Visual Communications and while graphic and web design are both things I enjoy, writing is my true passion. I am also a complete book worm, music fanatic, tv junkie and movie lover.

3 thoughts on “New Home

  1. Hi Brittney, I’m looking for a copy of the fanfiction ‘Trash’- you still have it somewhere? It keeps sending me to a broken link 😦

  2. So I was talking to my niece the other day while she was reading One Direction fanfic. It totally brought me back to the days when I couldn’t get enough Hanfic, and I have been searching for my favorite stories ever since. Do you have any idea where I can still find some of those stories (especially Angels Would Fall by Morgan)?

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