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Wow, okay, first of all, so sorry to keep the site down for so long. I was spent some time to make some much needed updates. I still have a few pages I need to go over and update, but those are going to take a bit longer and I didn’t want to keep the site down any longer.

So, I guess the most obvious change is the new layout. I think it’s been a while since I’ve had a solely Hanson layout. Nice for a change, though, right? I also incorporated some of my social networks into the layout, so if you’d like to friend or follow me, those are available. 😀

I also updated the Coming Soon page under the Hanson Fiction section. I have a few things in the work. Some of those will probably be available much sooner than others, but I wanted to put together a little something for the things I’ve been working on to prove that I actually have been writing even though it doesn’t seem like it.

Stories for Boomerang: A Hanfic Big Bang are gradually being revealed, so if you’re looking for something new to read, do check those out. Both of the stories I did artwork and fanmix for are up if you want to see what I made. I would high recommend reading Sisyphus Rising by Aeryn – especially if you’re also a fan of Firefly and 30 Seconds To Mars. Excellent story. :yes:

I have no idea when Under Dust Painted Skies will be up, but I will make a post as soon as it does. I’m quite anxious to hear what people think. :dance: I will also be posting it here after it’s gone up in the Boomerang community.

Since most of my site work was behind the scenes sort of stuff, I didn’t come completely empty handed. I’ve added Chapter Six of Shelter. It’s a bit of a shorter chapter and maybe a bit of filler but some new characters come into play. :jump:

Also, I did a major overhaul on my Reading List. I updated what I’m reading in my three favorite fandoms – Hanson, Harry Potter and Twlight. :jumpspin: Also, I added a favorites section and added some commentary on the stories that I love, so if you’re interested, check those out!

I want to give a bit thank you to Nath, Hayley and Judy for signing the guestbook. I’ve been a bit slack about the personal thank yous with the weird posting lately, so thank you also to everyone else who has signed the guestbook over the last few months or leave a comment on my lj community. I truly appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think. :melt:

P.S. Can you tell I added new smileys? I went a little crazy. :heart:

P.S.S. I’ve given up on the idea of the mailing list, mostly because I always forget to send that out, so please subscribe to my RSS feed for the latest updates. 🙂