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Bridge Builders

Co-Author: Nikki
Status: Incomplete
Starring: Isaac, Taylor and Zac
Year Written: 2007
Genre: Drama/Suspense/Mystery
Length: Long
Summary: Isaac, Taylor and Zac were three brothers threaded together by a unique musical ability before they were all able to walk. Then suddenly, a solo record deal offer and the temptation of the better life seperated them.

No longer a band, they have each moved on with their own lives, all in very different ways. A year has passed and the open wounds have healed over enough for attempts at civilized conversation. They all make their way from around the globe back home to the place each of them calls home.

But something goes drastically wrong. When one of them is put in danger, the other two are faced with the most trying part of their journey – as a band and as brothers. Will they be able to build the bridges they’ve burned? Or will they remain broken for the rest of their lives?

Other Side of the World

Co-Authors: Becca & Nikki
Status: Finished
Starring: Isaac, Taylor and Zac
Year Written: August 2006 – April 09, 2007
Genre: Drama
Length: 66 Chapters (115,552 words)
Summary: After learning of her mother’s surprise wedding, booknerd Beth Bradley sets out on a road trip with her best friends Jetta Finley and Norah Grant. Beth knows first hand that being best friends with somebody who is her polar opposite is challenging, but she doesn’t realize how challenging until her trip from Massachusetts to California is erased by Jetta’s plan to visit her Oklahoma boyfriend on the way to California. Though the journey is marked by love and laughter, will the odd friendship between Beth, Jetta and Norah survive betrayal, sharp tongues and the boys who threaten everything the three girls have every known?



Co-author: Taye
Starring: Zac
Status: Finished
Year Written: 2004 – 2005
Genre: Drama/Romance
Length: 41 Chapters (76,683 words)
Summary: A bad first impression leaves Lucy and Zac on hostile ground. Though their dislike for one another is apparent, something keeps drawing them together. Everywhere one of them goes, the other seems to turn up as well. Then through a tragic event, they are drawn together in a whole new way, but will they be willing to go along with fate or fight it?

The Insignificant Breakdown Series

Co-author: Nikki
Status: Finished
Starring: Isaac and Zac
Year Written: 2003 – 2005
Genre: Drama/Romance
Length: Long
Summary: Mallory and Aleena have depended on each other their whole lives. As twins, it kinda seemed to come along with the job description. But now, as they’re getting older and finding different paths for themselves, they find it a lot harder to be depended on. Things begin happening in each of their lives, and they soon learn they have to deal with them on their own. But that’s a lot easier said than done – especially in their cases. Will they rely on each other through the hard times and still manage to form their own perception of life, on their own, apart from each other?


Window To Paradise

Co-authors: Taye and Becca
Status: Incomplete
Starring: Isaac, Taylor and Zac
Year Written: 2003
Genre: Drama/Fantasy
Length: Long
Summary: Isaac, Taylor and Zac’s cross country road trip is brought to a grinding halt when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. They walk through a forest to get to the town that time seemed to forget, while three sisters who live deep in the woods wonder if their secret is about to be broken.


A Thousand Miles

Co-authors: Nikki, Stephanie, Rachel, Caitlin, Claire, Taye, Rae, Karla, Lydia, & Amy
Status: Finished
Starring: Isaac, Taylor and Zac
Year Written: Early 2003 – December 2003
Genre: Drama/Romance/Adventure
Length: 35 Chapters (70,510 words)
Summary: When eleven girls who have talked and become friends over the internet decided to get together for a summer road trip to follow their favorite band across the country, they had no idea what was in store for them. They simply thought that they would be attending a lot of concerts while enjoying each other’s company, but that was just the beginning of their adventure.

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